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Brand Story

손 꽃 = 퀸즈로즈

There was a boy who spent a very happy time with his mother in the back hill rose garden of the village and grew up.From then on, when I grew up, I always watched the rose garden with my mother, feeling the fragrance, possessing the spirit of happiness and vitality.
In middle age, when he enjoys the sweetness of life's success, he will suddenly face major problems such as cerebral infarction, facial paralysis, and internal diseases.

Looking for famous university hospitals, Korean hospitals, and receiving a lot of treatment, but things haven't improved for a few years.
Surprised to start the treatment of stem cell injection in the absence of a recovery in the body.His health is getting better.
After receiving continuous injection of stem cells, he thought, "It's a popular way to popularize stem cell therapy."
"He began to study the popularization of stem cells to his major businesses, medical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries."initiate a study

He looked at it as a "pharmacetic cosmetics" that believes in the future industry, restoring the "rose" of his happiest memories to healthy stem cells, making the "stem culture liquid cosmetics" that made everyone happy start research, and finally, producing the fruits of the research and giving birth to cosmetics.

The protagonist of this article is Cho Dal-hwan, chairman of the association, and his carefully developed cosmetics are the Quinn's Rose brand.