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Introduction to key ingredients


Plant's defense substances, phytochemicals

Plants receive sunlight to produce photosynthesis and energy, but ultraviolet rays in the sun produce free radicals, a hamful substance
Therefore, plants produce antioxidants to remove free radicals, protect and defend themselves.

Plant's defense substances, phytochemicals
  • Trace amount among the ingredients existing in the plant with the beneficial physiological characteristics for health
  • Protective substances that protect plants from pathogens, pests, fungi, etc.
  • A powerful cleaning tool that drains toxins from the body, acting as a powerful antioxidant, potecting normal cells from
    being attacked by free radicals

Red + vitamins to prevent skin aging

Red Vitamin, which adds vitamin A to red foods effective for skin care, keeps your skin away from the skin aging
The world's top 10 health food ‘tomato’
INCI NAME solanum Lycopersicum ( Tomato) Fruit Extrat
Ingredients Name in Korean Tomato extract
Main ingredient Ascorbic acid, Beta-Carotene, Lycopene,
Vitamin, etc.
Main efficacy Antioxidant, anti-aging, skin elasticity, skin whitening, moisture control, blood circulation
improvement, etc

Tomatoes are high in vitamins, rich in citric acid and minerals, and are excellent in preventing cancer and treating adult diseases.
It is helpful in treating adult diseases, and good for women's skin beauty by controlling moisture in the body. Dong-ui-bogam says that it is effective to drink the water gained by boiling tomato roots, its stems and leaves little by little, and to wash the body frequently with this water and drink a little.

Tomatoes contain vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, but the most notable is lycopene.
Lycopene, a red Phyto-chemical, has an excellent effect on anti-aging and anti-oxidation.

Pomegranate, key to a babyface, as a natural estrogen
INCI NAME Punica Granatum Fruit Extract
Ingredients Name in Korean Pomegranate extract
Main ingredient Ascorbic acid, Beta-Carotene, Lycopene,
Vitamin, etc.
Main efficacy Antioxidant, anti-aging, skin elasticity, skin whitening, moisture control, blood circulation
improvement, etc

Pomegranate, called the fruit of women, has so much female hormones in pomegranate so that the song "beauty likes pomegranate" is born, is a food with a lot of effect on women.
Pomegranate is a fruit rich in nutrients from skin to seed. It contains tannins and natural estrogens, which are effective for skin care by
preventing wrinkles, brightening skin, and brightening skin tone and sour citric acid is effective in preventing aging.

In addition, pomegranate contains 83.1% moisture, so it is an excellent red food that gives moisture to dry skin and keeps your skin beautiful
and youthful.

'Strawberries', rich in vitamins
INCI NAME Fragaria Chiloensis (Strawberry) Fruit Extract
Ingredients Name in Korean Strawberry extract
Main ingredient Alpha lenolenic acid, Alpha tocopherol,
Ascorbic acid,
Beta carotene, Caffeic acid, Catechin,
Chlorogenic acid,
Linoleic acid, Niacin, Oleic acid, Selenium, etc.
Main efficacy Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial

Strawberries contain a large amount of vitamin C among the fruit to normalize the reduced collagen synthesis rate, and restrain elastase degrading enzymes to give elastic skin.
In addition, the anthocyanin contained in the strawberry prevents blemishes and freckles by surpressing melanin pigmentation in the skin,
resulting in a whitening effect and is effective in relieving allergies, redness and acne by increasing skin resistance .

Recently, it has been reported that the strawberry extract has the effect of protecting the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.
It contains various useful phytochemical ingredients that prevent acne when used on oily skin vulnerable to acne, and if you have acne already,
it can help relieve symptoms.

An iconic vitamin, vitamin C
INCI NAME Ascorbic acid
Features Vitamin C is one of the essential nutrients,
mammals and plants can use by synthesizing
vitamin C from glucose itself, but humans
is unable to synthesize vitamin C in the body,
so it should be consumed as food.

An iconinc vitamin, vitamin C's efficacy are varied. It is effective in preventing blemishes and freckles caused by fatigue. It also prevents aging of blood vessels and increases interferon to increase immunity and prevents damage to genes due to active substances and carcinogens. Vitamin C helps to make the skin clear and clean, it whitens the skin and prevents blemishes and freckles by suppressing the skin pigment melanin.

Not only this, antioxidant activity prevents aging of the skin and the whole body. It gives elastic skin and helps regenerate skin elastine and

Tomato : antioxidant effect

  • As the amount of tomato lycopene increases, DHHP
    scavenging ability increases
  • Check the antioxidant effect of tomato lycopene