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Introduction to key ingredients


Plant's defense substances, phytochemicals

Plants receive sunlight to produce photosynthesis and energy, but ultraviolet rays in the sun produce free radicals, a harmful substance.
Therefore, plants produce antioxidants to remove free radicals, protect and defend themselves.

Plant's defense substances, phytochemicals
  • Trace amount among the ingredients existing in the plant with the beneficial physiological characteristics for health
  • Protective substances that protect plants from pathogens, pests, fungi, etc.
  • A powerful cleaning tool that drains toxins from the body, acting as a powerful antioxidant, potecting normal cells from
    being attacked by free radicals

Yellow+ vitamins to brighten the skin

Yellow vitamin rich in beta-carotene, adding vitamin B3 to skin to brighten and brighten skin
'Mango', nutrient-rich
INCI NAME Citrus medica limonum(Lemon) fruit Extract
Ingredients Name in Korean Mango extract
Main ingredient Alanine, Alpha pinene, Arginine , Acorbic acid , Beta carotene,
Catalase, Citric acid, Gaba, Galic acid, Lauric acid, Mufa,
Niacin, Oleic acid
Main efficacy Anti-aging, heavy metal detoxification, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-atopic skin, psoriasis, whitening, antioxidants, etc.

레몬은 상쾌한 감귤계의 향으로 머리를 맑게 하여 기억력, 집중력에 도움을 주며 살균, 미백작용(피부 각질제거로 혈색을 밝게 함), 상처 난 부위를 잘 아물게 하고
갈라진 손톱의 치료효과가 있다. 또한 기미, 주근깨, 여드름 치유에 효과적이고 피지분비를 억제하여 지성피부에 효과적이다.

레몬의 비타민 C는 모세혈관을 강화시켜주어 피부 혈행 개선에 좋고 세포를 연결하는 결합조직을 튼튼하게 만들어 피부를 배끄럽게 한다.
또한 레몬에는 표백작용이 있어 기미 등의 색소를 화원시켜 피부를 희게 해준다.

'Lemon', which makes your skin look much younger
INCI NAME Citrus medica limonum(Lemon) fruit Extract
Ingredients Name in Korean Lemon extract
Main ingredient Adenosine, Ascorbic acid, Beta carotene, Beta sitosterol, Caffeic acid, etc.
Main efficacy Waste removal, antioxidant, anti-aging action, skin elasticity enhancement.

Lemon is a a refreshing citrus scent that clears the head, helps memory and concentration, sterilizes, and whitens. It has a healing effect of wounds and cracked nails. It is also effective for healing blemishes, freckles, and acne and inhibits sebum secretion, which is effective for oily skin.

Lemon's vitamin C strengthens the capillaries to improve skin's blood circulation and makes the connective tissue between the cells strong and smooths the skin.

'Orange’, vitamin-rich
INCI NAME Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Fruit Extract
Ingredients Name in Korean Orange extract
Main ingredient Polyphenols( hesperidin), vitamin C, vitamin B1, B2, beta carotene, Waste removal of fruit acids
main efficacy antioxidant, anti-aging action, skin elasticity enhancement

Orange is also said to have originate from tangerines in the Asam area of the Himalayan mountains in eastern India. Orange is one of Time Magazine's top 10 superfoods. The most well- known ingredient in oranges is vitamin C, which promotes moisturizing and collagen regeneration to improve the function of elastin in the skin.

Orange contains AHA. This ingredient protects the skin's base stratum corneum and periodically removes aging keratin to keep the skin clear and clean. Oranges contain flavonoids, a type of antioxidant that helps to inhibit and eliminate free radicals that attack cells.
It helps prevent aging and maintain healthy skin.

'Niacinamide' with excellent whitening effect
INCI NAME Niacinamide
Features It is an ingredient of vitamin B3, which is necessary for our body and is also included in foods such as green vegetables and cereals. The need of niacinamide for healthy skin has been recognized since the early 20th century.

When vitamin B3 is not enough in the diet, the infectious disease, pellagra, which causes serious skin lesions, niacinamide has been known as a preventative vitamin.The whitening effect of niacin amide not only reacts to the factors that determine the skin color, but also reduces the movement of melanin from melanosites to keratin sites by 68%, helping to maintain clean skin. It also has the effect of reducing inflammation and pigmentation of acne skin.

Orange : Whitening effect

  • Confirmed inhibitory effects of orange extracts on skin pigmenter enzyme activity
  • Looking forward to the whitening effect of Orange