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Introduction to key ingredients


Plant's defense substances, phytochemicals

Plants receive sunlight to produce photosynthesis and energy, but ultraviolet rays in the sun produce free radicals, a harmful substance.
Therefore, plants produce antioxidants to remove free radicals, protect and defend themselves.

Plant's defense substances, phytochemicals
  • Trace amount among the ingredients existing in the plant with the beneficial physiological characteristics for health
  • Protective substances that protect plants from pathogens, pests, fungi, etc.
  • A powerful cleaning tool that drains toxins from the body, acting as a powerful antioxidant, potecting normal cells from
    being attacked by free radicals

Green + vitamin to add moisture to skin

Green Vitaimin Complex Green Vitaimin Complex that maintains skin moisture by draining and soothing toxins in the skin with green food ingredients and Vitamin Ingredients
'Indian gooseberry’, natural vitamin bonanza
INCI NAME Phyllanthus Emblica Fruit Extract
Ingredients Name in Korean 'Indian gooseberry’, safe natural vitamin bonanza
Main ingredient The best herb to prevent aging and promote longevity
Main efficacy Antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, trouble relieving, promoting collagen production

Indian gooseberry is a tree associated with the God of wealth in India, Kubera, and is known as a tree that nurtures mankind with abundant nutrients. Indian gooseberry is also valued for its high density vitamin C content and valuable oil extracted from seeds and shells, which is recognized for its excellent efficacy in modern science.

Indian gooseberry is one of the fruits with the largest amount of vitamin C, so it is considered a treasury of vitamin C. It contains about 20 times more vitamin C than Orange. Commonly, vitamin C is weak to heat and light, but the vitamin C in Indian gooseberry is very stable to heat, so even after long-term exposure to high temperatures, the vitamin C is rarely destroyed as if it were freshly harvested from trees.

'Wheat sprout', excellent for extracting toxins
INCI NAME Triticum Vulgare (Wheat) Sprout Extract
Ingredients Name in Korean Representative of Green Food, which is excellent for the drain toxins from body
Main ingredient Beta carotene , Vitamin, Mineral
Main efficacy Antioxidant, moisturizing, whitening effect, anti-inflammatory and more.

Sprouts are rich in nutrients and have energetic life force. Before sprouting, the nutrients necessary for growth and the essential substances for life support are activated, and at the moment of sprouting, they are condensed in the buds and are rich in nutrients. Wheat sprouts contains a lot of nutrients to help treat atopy such as 8 essential amino acids, sugars, more than 80 enzymes, vitamin A C E, follicles, choline, biotin, and various minerals.

Wheat sprout is a complete food without toxic. It is rich in chlorophyll and has more than 30 kinds of enzymes. The nutritional value of 1kg of wheat sprout is equivalent to 23kg of other vegetables. Wheat sprout is a powerful stimulant and is excellent for keeping cells healthy and cleaning up toxins in the body.

'Aloe' with excellent moisture retention
INCI NAME Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract
Ingredients Name in Korean 'Aloe' effective for soothing your skin
Main ingredient aloin, aloenin, isobarbaloin and more
Main efficacy Dry skin protection, skin elasticity, inflammation relief, soothing effect, etc.

Aloe Barbadensis is a perennial herb belonging to liliaceae, a tropical plant native to Africa,Its species is known around 600 species worldwide, including hybrids. According to Martindael 33th et al., Aloe vera gel is a cosmetic that not only moisturizes and regenerates the skin but also has medicinal effects such as acne, psoriasis, burns, wounds, arthritis, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, gastric ulcer and herpes virus.

In addition, in the West including the United States, it is always used for skin diseases, stomach ulcers and beverages for food and moisturizing materials for cosmetics. It is also used in shaving creams and sunscreens.

'Panthenol', excellent for moisturizing and soothing
INCI NAME Panthenol
Ingredients Name in Korean 'Dexantenol', a derivative of vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid)
Main ingredient When absorbed into skin with vitamin precursors, it is converted into vitamin B5 to combine moisture for moisturizing effect
Main efficacy Wound healing, moisturizing effect, anti-inflammatory, soothing

When absorbed into skin with vitamin precursors, it is converted into vitamin B5 to combine moisture for moisturizing effect. D-panthenol is quickly absorbed into the skin epithelium and endothelial and switched to pantothenic acid. Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) is an ingredient of the coenzyme CoA, which plays an important role in cell metabolism, and CoA is an important ingredient in cell energy production (ATP).

The generated cell energy multiplies fibroblasts, an important component of connective tissue, and forms collagen. Thereby it will regenerate the skin tissue and promote its function. In addition to these effects, dexpanthenol is a vitamin precursor and is a highly safe ingredient used in baby diaper rash creams.

ndian gooseberry : Moisturizing effect

  • which degrades skin moisturizing factor (HA) by the Indian gooseberry extract (EO)
  • Increasing the concentration of Indian gooseberry extract inhibits the activity of the enzyme Hyaluronidase (ENZ)