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Introduction to key ingredients

24K Gold Plankton
Micro-Organism Ampoule

immediate anti-wrinkle effect

15 minute tightening effect to smooth skin texture and remove wrinkles like collagen netting with a 15-minute fill-in effect
Plankton Micro-Organism is produced by marine plankton microorganisms collected from Mer d' Iroise off the coast of Brittany Brest, France.

To fill in the affinity and temperament of the skin

Fill the furrows and soften the skin. Its high molecular weight provides the skin with special affinity and interesting surface properties to fill wrinkles.





The opposite picture shows an electron microscope of the surface of the epidermis. Changes in sickle and skin relief are evident.
After treatment with EPS SEAFILL,the wrinkles are filled and the difference in relief is smooth and uniform.

Conclusion on EPS SEAFILL
  • stimulating the beauty effect of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin synthesis
  • protein expression stimulation of dermal epidermal joint
  • collagen fiber network hardening effect
  • Immediate Smoothing Effect (15 minutes)
  • Immediate anti-wrinkle effect (15 minutes)