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Introduction to key ingredients

24K Gold Algowhite Ampoule
For a skinvisiblywhiter and more luminous

Ascophyllum nodosum extract
  • Liquid ascophilum nordoomum extract extracted by lexisivation method
  • Native to the coast of Brittany, France.
  • Rich polyphenol
  • Ascophyllum nordosome, which is exposed to strong UV rays for a long time, has the ability to control pigmentation.
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Algohite promotes the differentiation cycle of keratinocytes to activate melanin removal and LGOWHITE is responsible for the synthesis of melanin in melanin cells and reduces colouring.

Four points that brighten the skin
  • Synthetic inhibition of melanin / Induced Prevention of melanin production (Endo Terrine coupled)
  • Melanin pigment formation
  • Accelerated melanin removal
  • Natural skin stripping enhancement
Ex-vivo test: visible effect of Algowhite on reconstituted epidermis
  • Without Algowhite Dark blue
    melanocytes, full of melanin

  • With Algowhite 1% Visible white
    shape in melanocytes, no accumulation
    of melanin